Mélodie Française

University of New Mexico | April 22-24, 2022


The City of Albuquerque joined us through Dr. Shelle Sanchez and Mayor Tim Keller to offer this special new award to two students that will be performing at an upcoming city event!

Congratulations to
Two City of Albuquerque Performance Award
Hope Willenbrink-Marchesi, and Ty Andrews

Jonathan Retzlaff honored the Duo
Talia Czuchlewski and David Fu with the
Jonathan Retzlaff Award

Vocal Artistry Division

Louise Bass Excellence Award - Hope Willenbrink-Marchesi - $1000

Carmoline Grady Award - Lore Hazard - $600

Schubert Award - Cameron Smith - $550

Polyphony Voices of New Mexico Award - Margot Friedl - $500

Cris & Marilyn Barnes Award - Rafael Salcido-Reyes - $450

Young Artist Division

Quintessence, Choral Artist of the Southwest Award - Nadine Adisho - $500

Opera Southwest Award - Casey Hennigan - $350

AV Wall Award - Elisandro Reza - $300

Brahms Award - Jacqueline Papp - $250

Music Education/Choral Division

New Mexico Symphonic Chorus Award - Zachery McAlister - $500

New Mexico Performing Arts Society Award - Morgyn Gallegos - $350

Desca Music Award - Cecilia McAfee - $150 (and Stand)

Collaborative Duo Division

Louise Bass Excellence Award - Jack Yu - $500

Air and Hammers Award - David Fu - $300

Albuquerque Music Teachers Association Award - Kate Shao - $250

Martha Dalager Award - Peter Jakiche - $200

Astrid and Berent Groth Award - Hannah Leng/Lauren Lester - $150

High School Division

Marilyn Thomas Bernard Award - Talia Czuchlewski - $600

Lyda Hendel Award - Sofia Chalamidas - $500

Cris and Marilyn Barnes Award - Cierra Moore - $350

Donna McRae Award - Sasha Brigman - $300

Kathleen Clawson Award - Lily Clark - $275

Albuquerque Institute of Music Award - Ally Thompson - $250

Albuquerque Music Teachers Award - Sophia Bonnell - $150

Fran A’Herrn Smith Award - Avery Ross/Lily Shevitz - $100

Middle School Division

Jack Craig Award - William Landhahl - $300

Louise and Lynn Loomis Award - Ty Andrews - $200

Lewis Savar Award - Isabel Soroos - $150

Barbara and Keith Baltz Award - Charlie Groves/Samuel Obermueller - $100

Elizabeth Bayne Award - Johanna Miller-Mutia - $50

Congratulations to all of our 75 performances. We are proud of YOU!

Watch the Festival LIVE

Festival Day 1

Friday, April 22

11:00 AM
Student performances
3:00 PM
Vocal Artistry/Young Artist Masterclass
7:30 PM
Choir Concert
Festival Day 2

Saturday, April 23

10:00 AM
High School Division, Collaborative Duo Division, Middle School Division
2:30 PM
French Diction Master Classes
5:00 PM
Adult Division Sérénade
7:30 PM
Mélodie Française Recital
Festival Day 3

Sunday, April 24

2:00 PM
Final Awards Concert

From the Community,
For the Community

Vocal Artistry’s Art Song Festival is an annual festival open to all students, singers, and pianists living in the state of New Mexico. Our goal is to encourage the further study, exploration and enjoyment of Art Song repertoire. Open performances by singers and pianists from all over the state are held throughout the weekend before a guest faculty, including international artists and representatives from the best music conservatories. Master Classes and open performances for all levels of singers and collaborative pianists are open to the public. Scholarship Winners are then chosen based on talent and artistic achievement. A final Concert and Reception, open to the public, is held to distribute Scholarship Awards from the Community. From the Community, For the Community.

Affiliated with AMTA Albuquerque Music Teachers Association to further the study of Art Song Repertoire



Sunday, April 10

Trinity at the Marketplace
2520 Chama St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

2:00 PM
Collaborative Duo Division Masterclass

Albuquerque Music Teachers Association presents this masterclass with collaborative pianist Martha Dalager.

Martha Dalager is a member of the University of New Mexico's Piano Faculty in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She's played with the Music with the Maestro events, the Santa Fe Opera Mosaics, and the Roswell Chamber Series, among others. During her time in Albuquerque, Martha has accompanied hundreds of professional and amateur singers and instrumentalists. She also serves as a choral accompanist for the New Mexico Symphonic Chorus, UNM University Chorus, and De Profundis and is the staff accompanist for the Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival of which she is a founding board member.

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Festival Schedule

Festival Day 1

Friday, April 22

All events for will be in in Keller Hall at the University of New Mexico

11:00 AM
Vocal Artistry Division

Advanced Vocal Artists pursuing a classical singing career age 23-30

Performance Times

11:00 - Margot Friedli - Dalager
            Pierrot / DebussyI
             Did Not Speak Out / Heggie

11:07 - Cameron Smith - Dalager
             Écrin / Chaminade
             Pentecost / Laitman

11:14 - Thomasluke Flórez-Mansi - Roth
             Nell / Fauré
             Danksagung an den Bach / Schubert

11:21 - Mitzy Sotelo - Dalager
            Serenade / Gounod
            Asturiana / de Falla

11:28 - Lore Hazard - Dalager
            Au pied de mon lit / Boulanger
             Er is gekommen / C. Schumann

11:35 - Rafael Salcido-Reyes - Liechty
             Oh quand je dor / Liszt
             Ideale / Paolo

11:42 - Lauren Rodriguez - Liechty
             Hymne a Eros / Holmes
             Die Mainacht / Brahms

11:49 - McKenna Brunson - Liechty
             La lune paresseuse / Chaminade
             Sereno! / Guridi

11:56 - Garrett Medlock - Ryu
             La Dame d’André / Poulenc
             Auf eine Christblume ll

12:03 - Hope Willenbrink-Marchesi - Sheinberg
             Elle était descendue au bas de la prairie / Boulanger
             Katherine Howard / Larsen

12:10 - Lydia Raymond - Jackson
             Chanson d’amour / Fauré
             Gretchen am Spinnrade / Schubert

12:25 - Cara DePauli - Bayliyeva
             Nuit d’etoiles / Debussy
             Wasserrose / Strauss

12:30 AM
Music Education Division

Singers enrolled in a University Choral or Music Education Program no age limit

Performance Times

12:30 - Isabella Clarkson - Liechty
             Le Chapelier / Satie
             Ridente la calma / Mozart

12:37 - Cecilia McAfee - Liechty
             L'île inconnue / Berlioz
             Ich trage meine Minne / Strauss

12:42 - Morgyn Gallegos - Liechty
             Hébé / Chausson
             Dolente immagine di fille mia / Bellini

12:49 - Zachary McAlister - Liechty
             Le Charme / Chausson
             Der Tod, das is the kühle Nacht / Brahms

12:55 - Alyssa Carlock - Liechty
             Nuit d'étoiles / Debussy
             Fair House of Joy / Quilter

1:01 - Kaden Weisheit - Liechty
           Chanson Romanesque / Ravel
           It was a Lover and His Lass / Finzi

1:00 PM
Young Artist Performances

Vocal Artists age 18-22

Performance Times

1:07 - Nadine Adisho - Dalager
          Les roses d’Ispahan / Fauré
           Poesia di Metastasio / Reichardt

1:14 - Jacqueline Papp - Dalager
           Tout gai / Ravel
           The Lass from the Low Country / Niles

1:21 - Elisandro Reza - Liechty
          Rose, chérie, aimable fleur / Grétry
          Il Zeffiro / Bellini

1:28 - Maurenalinn Frank - Cleaveland
           Les Papillons / Chausson
          Heimkehr / Strauss

1:35 - Julia Glunt - Liechty
           Le son du cor s’afflige / Debussy
           Tu mi chiedi / Donizetti

1:42 - Casey Hennigan - Liechty
           Oh! Quand je dors / Liszt
           Let the Florid Music Praise / Britten

1:49 - Alexandra King - Ryu
         Mandoline / Fauré
          Before My Window / Rachmaninoff

1:56 - Taylor Bassing - Liechty
           Prison / Fauré
           Fussreise / Wolf

3:00 PM
Vocal Artistry/Young Artist Masterclass

Jonathan Retzlaff

Postings for College Divisions after this class

7:00 PM
UNM Choral Concert
Festival Day 2

Saturday, April 23

All events will be in Keller Hall at the University of New Mexico

10:00 AM
High School Division

High School Singers grades 9-12

Performance Times

10:00 - Alexandra Raskin - Leichty
             Vieille Chanson / Bizet
             Lachen und Weinen / Schubert

10:07 - Sofia Chalamidas - Liechty
             L’heure exquise / Hahn
             Chi vuol la Zingarella / Paisiello

10:14 - Madelynn Patricia Carol Jewell - Liechty
            Fleurs / Poulenc
            The Salley Gardens / Britten

10:21 - Talia Czuchlewski - Fu
             Fêtes Galantes/Poulenc

10:28 - Lily Clark - Roth
             Après un Rêve/Fauré
             Almen se non poss’io/Bellini

10:36 - Cierra Moore - Dalager
             Will there really be a Morning/Gordon
             Oiseaux si tous les ans/Mozart

10:43 - Ally Thompson - Yu
             Charmant Papillon/Campra
             The Last Rose of Summer/Moore

10:50 - Sophia Bonnell - Harder
             Under the Greenwood Tree/Arne
             Nuit d’étoiles/Debussy

10:57 - Juliana Jackson - Roth
             Le Charme/Silvestre

11:04 - Avery Ross - Shevitz
             The Mermaid Song/Haydn
             Après un Rêve/Fauré

11:11 - Kaede Carroll - Gao
           Love, I have Won You/Ronald

11:18 - Mareesh Bali - Svyatsky
            Passing By/Purcell
            A Sailor Loved a Lass/Wilson

11:25 - Eliza Sumner - Bayliyeva
            A Chloris/Hahn
            Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht/Mahler

11:32 - Sasha Brigman - Shao
            Si mes vers avaient des ailes/Hahn
            The K’E/Dougherty

12:00 PM
Collaborative Duo Division

Pianists/Singers no age limit

Performance Times

11:48 - Linus Wang - Kirk Landin
            Plaisir d’amour/Martini
            Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal/Quilter

11:54 - Lily Shevitz - Avery Ross
            The Mermaid Song/Haydn
            Après un Rêve/Fauré

12:00 - Julia Chen - Johanna Miller-Mutia
             Les Berceaux/Fauré
             Where Corals Lie/Elgar

12:06 - Akilan Sankaran - Sowmya Sankaran
             She Never Told Her Love/Haydn
             A Chloris/Hahn

12:12 - Peter Jakiche - Isabel Soroos
            One Spring Morning/Nevin
            By the Waters of Minnetonka/Lieurance

12:18 - Grace Gao - Kaede Carroll
            Love, I Have Won You/Ronald

12:24 - David Fu - Talia Czuchlewski
            Fêtes Galantes/Poulenc

12:30 - Samuel Obermueller - Charlie Groves
            Plaisir d’amour/Martini
            Poor Wayfaring Stranger/arr. by Althaus

12:36 - Lenya Svyatsky - Mareesh Bali
             Passing By/Purcell
             A Sailor Loved a Lass/Wilson

12:42 - Jack Yu - Ally Thompson
            Charmant Papillon/Campra
            The Last Rose of Summer/Moore

12:48 - Hannah Leng - Lauren Lester
             Au bord de l’eau/Fauré
             Glow Worm/Lincke

12:54 - Kate Shao - Sasha Brigman
             Si mes vers avaient des ailes/Hahn
             The K’E/Dougherty

1:00 - Ian Marin - Oliver Groves
           Bonne nuit/Massenet
           Beautiful Dreamer/arr. by Hayes

1:06 - Corbett Thomas - Bonnie Yuxin Li
           Chanson d’amour/Fauré
           Birds in the Night/Sullivan

1:00 PM
Middle School Performances

Young Singers grades 6-8

Performance Times

1:20 - Oliver Groves - Marin
           Bonne Nuit/Massenet
           Beautiful Dreamer/arr.by Hayes

1:25 - Ty Andrews - Cummings
           Nymphs and Shepherds/Purcell
           Shenandoah/arr. by Althouse

1:30 - Sowmya Sankaran - Sankaran
           She Never Told Her Love/Haydn
           A Chloris/Hahn

1:35 - Lauren Lester - Leng
           Au bord de l’eau/Fauré
           Glow Worm/Lincke

1:40 - Bonnie Yuxin Li - Thomas
           Chanson d’amour/Fauré
           Birds in the Night/Sullivan

1:45 - Brooklyn Moreno - Echols
           The Sky Above the Roof/Vaughn Williams
           Jeune Fillette/Weckerlin

1:50 - Erin Gosau - Liechty
           Clair de lune/Saints-Saens
           Two Marionettes/ Cooke

1:55 - Johanne Miller-Mutia - Chen
           Les Berceaux/Fauré
           Where Corals Lie/Elgar

2:00 - Charlie Groves - Obermueller
           Plaisir d’amour/Martini
           Poor Wayfarin Stranger/arr. by Althouse

2:05 - Isabel Soroos - Jakiche
           One Spring Morning/Nevin
           By the Waters of Minnetonka/Lieurance

2:10 - William Landahl - Liechty
           The Loom/Williams
           Au bord de l’eau/Fauré

2:30 PM
French Diction for Beginners: Don't Be Scared!

Sylvie Beaudette

3:30 PM
French Diction Masterclass: How to Sound Like a Native Speaker

Sylvie Beaudette

5:00 PM
Adult Division Sérénade

Adult Singers age 30 and over

Performance Times

Renato Estacio - Martha Dalager
      Mandoline / Gabriel Fauré
      Widmung / Robert Schumann

Tara Frank - Nathan Cleaveland
      Mattinata / Ruggero Leoncavallo
      Nuits d'étoiles / Claude Debussy

Cynthia Hatley - Martha Dalager
      Le Charme / Ernest Chausson
      Le Temps des Lilas / Ernest Chausson

Deborah Lewis - Nathan Cleaveland
      Beau Soir / Claude Debussy
      Chanson Triste / Henri Duparc

Wendy Barker - Martha Dalager
      Morning in Paris / John Duke
      Romance / Claude Debussy

Kirk Landin - Linus Wang
      Plaisir d’amour / Jean Martini
      Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal / Roger Quilter

David McElhaney - Nathan Cleaveland
      Sei Mir Gegrüsst/Schubert

Allyssa Pehrson - Martha Dalager
      Le Charme / Ernest Chausson
      Wild Rose / Edward MacDowell

Melissa Montoya - Tatyana Baliyeva
      Violon / Francis Poulenc
      Nocturne / Samuel Barber

7:30 PM
Mélodie Française Recital

Mezzo Soprano Reveka Mavrovitis, Tenor Jamie Flora, Pianists Russel Miller, Nathan Salazar

Before moving to New York City, Reveka Mavrovitis attended the young artist program at the San Francisco Opera (Merola Program) She toured with the Western Opera Theater Production of Madama Butterfly (Suzuki) and sang the same role when the SF Opera Center toured Japan. She was thrilled to return to Japan with the SFOC once again to sing the title role in Carmen. Highlights at the San Francisco Opera include productions of Boris Godunov (Fyodor) and L’Amour de Trois Oranges (Linette), with the company of Opera de Lyons, Kent Nagano, conductor.No stranger to contemporary music, Ms. Mavrovitis sang a concert of Milhaud songs with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and sang Crumb’s Night of the Four Moons with Long Beach Opera. While engaged to sing the Madrigal Singer in Puccini’s Manon Lescaut at the Spoleto Festival, Charleston, she also performed, “Three Songs to the Poems by Carl Sandburg”, music by Ruth Crawford Seege.

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Jamie Flora is an American tenor hailed for his "resonant, impeccably-trained voice and fearlessness to his singing". He has sung with companies including Washington Concert Opera, Arizona Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, Opera Company Middlebury, Opera Columbus and others. Equally at home on the symphonic stage, he's sung with the Pittsburgh Symphony, Reno Philharmonic, Erie Chamber Orchestra, and Buffalo Philharmonic.

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Pianist Russel Miller has been a coach and teacher of vocal repertoire at Eastman since 1995. Notable collaborations with vocalists include recitals with Jan Opalach, Jonathan Retzlaff, Frederica von Stade, Julia Broxholm, Robert Swensen, and Marilyn Horne. For twelve years he was the musical director for the vocal quartet "SATB", which performed a wide variety of repertoire from classical chamber pieces to Broadway.

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Nathan Salazar has performed in England, Scotland, Italy, Russia, and in major performance venues throughout the United States. He performed in the International Festival of Spanish and Latin American Music with mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza. In 2014, he was invited to be part of Marilyn Horne's 80th birthday celebration at Carnegie Hall. Most recently, Nathan was coach and pianist for the company's production of Moravec and Campbell's "The Shining".
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Nathan Salazar is a native of Santa Cruz, New Mexico, and holds a master's degree in collaborative piano from the University of Michigan, where he studied with Martin Katz. He received his vocal and piano performance degrees from the University of Kansas, where he studied with Julia Broxholm and Jack Winerock. Salazar has performed in England, Scotland, Italy, Russia, and in major performance venues throughout the United States. He performed in the International Festival of Spanish and Latin American Music with renowned mezzo-soprano Teresa Berganza and has been featured at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Boston’s Symphony Hall, and Carnegie Hall in New York City.
He received a fellowship to Songfest in Los Angeles where he studied with pianists Margo Garrett and Graham Johnson. Salazar has worked with composers Jake Heggie, John Musto, Libby Larsen, and William Bolcom. In 2014, he was invited to be part of Marilyn Horne’s 80th birthday celebration at Carnegie Hall, where he worked with Ms. Horne, Martin Katz, and the legendary Christa Ludwig. Salazar has worked with such singers and teachers as Julia Faulkner, Maria Zifchak, Stephen King, Susanne Mentzer, Luis Ledesma, Wolfgang Brendel, Joyce Castle, Neil Shicoff, Stanford Olsen, George Shirley, Angela Meade, Jennifer Johnson Cano, Cecilia Lopez, Kelly Kaduce, Edward Parks, and Susan Graham. He has worked and performed with Serenata of Santa Fe, Skylark Vocal Ensemble, the Santa Fe Desert Chorale, the Santa Fe Opera, The Handel and Haydn Society, The Boston Symphony, and the Boston Lyric Opera, where he most recently worked on the company’s monumental 2019 production of Poul Ruders’ “The Handmaid’s Tale”.
Most recently, Salazar performed with soprano Cecilia Violetta Lopez in recital for Austin Opera, Opera Idaho, Orlando Opera, Opera Las Vegas, Opera Southwest, Opera America, Madison Opera, and Opera Colorado, where he serves as Principal Coach for the Artists in Residence. Most recently, Nathan was coach and pianist for the company’s production of Moravec and Campbell’s “The Shining”. Up next is a performance of MacArthur Fellow Matt Aucoin’s opera “Second Nature”.
Salazar has also served as a voice faculty member at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and at the University of New Mexico. Nathan is currently based in Santa Fe, where he enjoys taking care of several chickens and goats.

Festival Day 3

Sunday, April 24

Keller Hall at the University of New Mexico

2:00 PM
Final Awards Concert

2022 Guest Faculty

We are thrilled to be able to host these talented, wonderful artists.
Learn More
Sylvie Beaudette
Assistant Professor of Chamber Music at The Eastman School of Music
Dr. Jonathan Retzlaff
Professor of Voice at The Eastman School of Music
Russell Miller
Professor of Vocal Coaching and Repertoire at The Eastman School of Music
James Flora
Lecturer in Voice and Opera at The University of New Mexico
Reveka Mavrovitis
Vocal/Dramatic Teacher at Sonoma Vocal Arts


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