The Albuquerque Music Teachers Association is proud to present
Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival of New Mexico

Das Lied

University of New Mexico | November 1-3, 2024

Looking forward to November 1-3, 2024

Support the Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival and watch artists grow! Supporting the arts in our community will have a long-reaching impact on the young artists of today and tomorrow. Step into your role today!

What is an Art Song?  The Art Song is the merging of poetry and music. Spanning across five centuries, it is especially challenging due to the many languages involved and the vocal technique and musicianship required.  The singer and the pianist are mediums for the composer and the poet.  This festival is to celebrate and explore the entrancing world of the Art Song.

We express our deepest gratitude to the wonderful musicians, teachers, and mentors that have paved the way for Vocal Artistry in our community by donating awards, and most importantly their time and talents!

You can make a donation by mail or through PayPal below. For mail, send your check, made out to AMTA Albuquerque Music Teachers Association.

Please mail donations to:

Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival
507 Wellesley Drive SE
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